Monday, May 25, 2009

Aiding and Abetting the Culture of Death

Great post over on The Curt Jester commenting on Fr. Robert Barron's talk regarding President Obama's recent attempt during his shameful Notre Dame appearance to co-opt the Catholic message in favor of 'abortion rights'. He rightly points out that is the ignorance of Catholics-at-large (even ones that are otherwise well-informed) that have helped transform our culture into the Culture of Death it is becoming today:

The evil of abortion has been helped along by Catholics who are willing to make excuses for their favored candidates instead of condemning the evil they support in the strongest terms. Way too often with Catholics who call themselves both pro-life and Democrat there is always a "but" coming or some relativistic comparison of intrinsic evils with areas that Catholics can prudentially disagree on. What should happen with pro-abortion Democratic politicians is that they should get as little traction as pro-abortion Republican Rudy Giuliani. But Catholics of any political stripe are too often willing to turn a blind eye when it suits them. I say the Hell with any political party that would help me to earn a millstone as hat ware. I will go all Don Quixote pointing at polling booths before I cast a vote for a politician who supports the murder of innocents. Sure voting to choose the lesser evil is an acceptable choice, but you better know what evil is in the first place and to let the Church be your guide in discernment.

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