Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday Scripture Study for Catholics

While I'm busy grinding gears trying to get underway in driving this blog, I'd like to kick it off with adding a link to an existing website of mine, Sunday Scripture Study for Catholics, found at If you're a Catholic who is looking [a] for a deeper understanding of the Sunday Mass readings and [b] information on getting started in learning more about the Bible, you may find this site helpful. It's updated every Wednesday evening (or so) with a study of the Scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday's Catholic Mass.

Another thing I like to start doing is posting questions and answers I get about the Bible in particular and Catholic teaching in general. I periodically start and lead parish Bible study series and I get a lot of good questions from participants. I answer to the best of my ability at the time, but a lot of times I afterward think how I could have answered it better or more completely if I had had my home and online resources readily available. Also, I often go on Catholic online forums where I also get a chance to help people out with these types of questions. If I think a particular question and answer may be of interest on this blog, I may modify it and post it here.

Disclaimer: As I state on my Bible study website, I don't claim to be a scholar of any kind, but I do feel my knowledge in these areas is solid enough to be of interest and even helpful to others who are asking these questions. In any case, take it for what it's worth--if it's not helpful for you, it may be helpful for someone else.

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