Sunday, September 13, 2009

So Much To Blog, So Little Time

Sorry about the paucity of new blogs this week. I'm working on a brand new presentation for this week's Beginning Apologetics series I'm teaching, and it's taking all my time. Hopefully next week-end things'll be less crazy.

The classes themselves are going well. We started out with about 40 folks ten weeks ago, and are now down to about 20 faithful souls. There is usually some attrition in every religious exercise of this sort (think the parable of the sower, Luke 8:4-15), but this class has stayed strong. There are a LOT of great folks attending with good hearts and sharp minds, and I really enjoy their questions and participation. I'll be glad to be taking a breather after the last class (in two weeks), but I know I'll be looking to get started on something else.

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